At the early ages of pre-adolescence, Canadian Toronto-based rapper Grymee started his music journey in his own home studio that consisted of a Dollar Store microphone, desktop computer and a couple of foam pads. Growing up in a single-parent household, Grymee spent a lot of time with his two older brothers and cousin who were initially the first group of people to spark young Grymees’ music flames. Under the lyrical influence of Lil Wayne, The Lox, 50 Cent and Drake, Grymee’s oldest brother would encourage him to test out his own bars and pushed him to freestyle often.

By the time Grymee was a late-teen, he had explored a variety of music genres such as Rap, Trap, R&B, Soul, Pop and Rock n Roll. Within his exploration, he stirred up sounds, lyrics and clothing styles that incorporated a more authentic, gritty and Trap vibe for his rapper persona. In the midst of discovering what he wanted to represent, Grymee also started to engineer his own music. Even though he was accomplishing growth within his craft on his own, the rapper states that “ I had to eventually learn to ask for help, but that’s sometimes out of my comfort zone”. Breaking out of his comfort, Grymee began working with other local artists and producers located in Toronto, Canada.

Outside of creating music, everyday “real life” was very much on the forefront of living day-to-day and sometimes “people get caught up in some mess” the rapper states. Unfortunately, that “mess” landed the upcoming artist behind bars for a short period of time in his early twenties. While serving his time away from the life he once knew, isolation granted space for reflection. “You reap what you sow” says Grymee. With nothing but time on his hands, Grymee sought out career-driven goals for himself for when he heads back home upon his release. “I’m ready to do this full time and consistency is key. I don’t want to sound like everyone else out there and I never want to repeat myself when it comes to my music. I’m not following a blueprint, so people are never gonna expect what i’m doing next” Grymee says. 

Shortly after his incarceration, the Toronto rapper hustled harder than ever to make his name known on the music scene. His grinding paid off and caught the attention of music label Morojele Music Group Inc. located in his home city of Toronto, Canada. Following his signing to the label, Gymee is scheduled to release his first single and video for his song titled “Look At Me” in early November of 2021. Keeping the consistency ongoing, Grymee is persistent when it comes to becoming the best rap artist he can be.